The 2019 British F100 Regulations can be found here by clicking on the links below......

Q. What's New?

A. We have completely updated our operational procedures in the back office. This will make us more streamlined and able to respond and react faster to on track and off track situations. This will generally not affect you but will speed up the information flow to and from the drivers and back to F100 again. We have created an equipment database specific to the class you are registered in and you will be able to see, select and store all your equipment within a special 'Virtual F100 Garage or Workshop' we have created for you.

Memberships, Virtual Race Licenses (VRL), Championships Tables, Live Timing, Internet Connectivity at the circuit,  Equipment Database, Logbooks, Scrutineering Cards, Tyre Barcodes..... Are all being upgraded and will be kept digitally.

F100 drivers will be able to experience the karting industries FIRST ever Virtual Scrutineering Card (VSC). Just go into your F100 Virtual Garage, tap on your chassis, engines and tyres to add them to your VSC and lock them down before you go racing. How easy is that!

More details on this later, its super exciting and a completely revolutionary way of going racing.

Q. What's not New?

A1. For Pre 89 Pre 95 and Pre 2000; everything technical has been maintained as per 2018. Tyre's, Carbs, Engines and Chassis regulations all remain the same as 2018. We think its just right but if you have any ideas, please contact one of your F100 team.

A2. In JICA, some engine parameters have been looked at and brought up to date with the CIK as of 1998. We are also considering class weight as well but no decision has been on this made yet. It is likely to stay the same but a call for weight increase has been requested. We will canvas all drivers in the next week or so before making a decision.

A3. In Aqua we have introduced some reliability upgrades. They are optional of course, not mandatory, for those wishing to get away from the the unreliable switches and buttons used with these engines.